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About Us

That's Scrummy is an easier, simpler way to wean with wholesome recipe ideas, up-to-date advice, weaning products and the convenience of online shopping and home delivery.

It’s the brainchild of Jon and Chris — two parents who’ve been through the weaning process with their own families and realised there was a real knowledge gap in this most crucial stage of a child’s development. That’s Scrummy believes every child should discover and enjoy healthy, fascinating food at their own pace and tastes, building up a brilliant relationship with good food that lasts a lifetime.

Jon and Chris have poured over 30 years of combined experience in product and brand development into That’s Scrummy to create a practical, exciting and safe way to help parents like you on their weaning journey. Our mission is to make weaning a success for parent and child alike, through accurate and up-to-date advice, inspired and tasty recipes, boxes of pre-measured ingredients delivered to your door, an online store for the best weaning products — and a welcoming, caring community to share your experiences with.

We aim to remove the stress, anxiety and worry that weaning can cause — because with the right support, this can be the greatest, messiest fun you can have with your little one. This is also the chance to inspire the lifelong love of amazing food that we all want for our children.

Meet Dr. Gina Dahel, MBChB, MRCPCH, FRCPCH

She graduated from University of Birmingham Medical School, UK, in 2005. She completed her paediatric training in the UK with 2 years spent abroad in Singapore. Her training involved acute paediatrics, neonatal medicine, community and developmental paediatrics. She received her Fellowship of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2020.

Dr. Gina has always been passionate about paediatric research and implementing evidence based medicine into clinical practice. She has published and presented clinical research and audits promoting best practice at both national and international medical conferences.

She currently lives in Singapore with her husband and 2 daughters, where she loves traveling and exploring other cultures. She works as a children’s doctor and manages patients from newborns, all the way to older adolescents.

All information is kindly provided free by Dr. Gina Evidence Based Parenting, and has been reformatted on the That’s Scrummy social media platforms.

Now that’s good stuff for little tummies.


Meet Zenia Bsc in Food Science and Nutrition and an MRes in Sensory Science

Graduating from the University of Nottingham with a Bsc in Food Science and Nutrition and an MRes in Sensory Science, Zenia has always been very fascinated and passionate about how our five senses work. As a Nutritionist, Food Scientist, Sensory Scientist and Chef, Zenia is known for her authenticity in flavours and spreading knowledge about Sensory Science - how we use our five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) to create our individual food experiences. 

As a creator of multi-sensory experiences, Zenia's passion for utilising one's five senses resonates with her:

  • Food creations
  • Workshop collaborations
  • Experience in training global expert panels how to taste and test products (from beer to laundry detergent)
  • Extensive industry experience has evolved into being the driving force behind The Flavour Academy. 

All information is kindly provided free by Zenia, and has been reformatted on the That’s Scrummy social media platforms.

Now that’s good stuff for little tummies.


Meet Yasmine - founder of Say Fitness Personal Training, based in Chiswick, West London.

After 10 years working in the corporate world, I realised I wanted more than a desk job, and so in 2015 I decided to follow my heart and embark on a career change to qualify as a Personal Trainer.

I work with clients from all walks of life, but who all have a common goal - how to build long-lasting active habits into their already hectic lifestyles. Many of us find it hard to stay motivated when we can think of every excuse not to exercise. This is where I come in to help people develop strategies to harmonise their busy lives and fitness goals, and at the same time educate them with the knowledge to build their self-confidence and become the best version of themselves.

One of my specialisms is working with Pre and Post Natal clients. I recently became a first-time mum to my daughter, Lana, and know too well about the ‘overwhelm’ mums go through juggling work, motherhood, and family time! I am passionate about giving mums some time back for themselves to re-gain confidence in body and mind - especially at a time when ‘looking after mum’ is often so low down on the priority list. My tried and tested coaching method is a hybrid form of training that combines Strength Training and Pilates, which are both extremely beneficial for women’s health. I fully believe that this way of training has not only helped me with a strong post-natal recovery (both mentally and physically), but many of my clients too.

My mantra for Say Fitness has always been to empower and educate people to lead a more adventurous, joyful and fulfilling life. We have only one body in this life - let’s look after it!

All information is kindly provided free by Yasmine, and has been reformatted on the That’s Scrummy social media platforms.

Now that’s good stuff for little tummies.


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